How to make a cup of coffee that’s not just good, its Grrrreeat!

Are you puzzled why your home-brewed coffee is never a good as your local coffee shop? Is visiting your local coffee shop putting a dent in your finances? Is this beginning to sound like a late-night infomercial asking you a bunch of questions? Then this is the article for you!

There are many very important factors in brewing a good cup of coffee at home. Below we will cover the most important factors.

  1. A Clean Machine

If you’re looking to brew great coffee, it’s paramount that you start with a clean machine, clean carafe, clean filter basket, the works. It’s also important to decalcify your machine at least once every month.

For more information see our article on Machine Hygiene.

  • Machine

When it comes down to it, a $25 coffee maker is going to make okay coffee but a $250 coffee maker is going to make excellent coffee, a will be more consistent over time.

More expensive machines will be made using high-grade materials such as stainless steel, additionally they will heat water to higher temperatures and more consistent temperatures. They generally are more feature-rich and include specialized cleaning functions to maintain coffee quality.

We recommend you buy the best coffee maker you can afford. Though we know not everyone can fork out hundreds of dollars for a coffee maker, and there is a less expensive alternative, a French press.

Many would argue the French press makes the best cup of coffee, and a reasonable quality French press can be had for $25.

  • Water

Unfiltered tap water is not ideal for great coffee and will lead to rapid calcification of your machine. Many high-quality machines have replaceable carbon filters these days, but if your machine does not, consider buying filtered water or a water filter.

  • Beans

We have covered some very important requirements for an awesome cup of coffee, now we get to the very heart of any cup of coffee, the beans.

Coffee beans go stale and pre-ground coffee goes stale even faster. Buying smaller amounts that you will use up quicker will benefit your coffee quality overall. Also bean quality itself plays a large role. Opt for high-quality beans from your local coffee shop instead of mass-produced beans from the grocery store

  • Drink up

Brew and drink, don’t let your coffee sit for too long. The longer coffee sits the more flavor it loses. Fresh coffee is the best coffee

We hope these tips and tricks will help you in brewing great coffee all day, every day, and like a true Coffeepro.

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