Coffee – You cant handle the truth! (Coffee facts & myths)

Coffee, a mythical liquid more coveted than gold itself for those of us who feel we can’t live without it but how much do you really know about coffee?

Below are some facts and myths we found interesting.

The Coffee House –

While the coffee house may seem like a fairly modern invention, did you know the first known coffee house’s date back to the 15th century? Interestingly in the 15th and 16th centuries, many coffee houses ended up being banned. For example, coffee houses in Mecca were unsuccessfully banned between 1521and 1524 as they were frequently used for political gatherings. Also, King Charles, the 2nd banned coffee houses in 1675 for fear they were being used by his enemies to plot against him.

Mocha = Chocolate –

When most people hear Mocha they think of the delicious combo of hot chocolate and coffee. The reality is, Mocha is actually the name of a port in Yemen where transportation of beans from Africa takes place. Mocha is a reference to the origin of the bean being consumed, not the inclusion of chocolate.

Daily Coffee –

Approximately 2.2 billion cups off coffee are consumed worldwide every day and 800 billion cups every year. That’s 259 million liters of coffee per day.

Coffee Trees –

Unlike money, coffee does grow on trees. Amazingly coffee trees can live for 100 years. A coffee tree doesn’t begin producing beans until its 5th gear. A single tree will often yield 1 pound of coffee each year or about 2000 coffee beans.

No one can tell you that coffee doesn’t grow on trees, because it does! Coffee trees can live up to 100 years, and it takes about five years before the tree begins producing coffee beans. One tree will yield about 1 pound of coffee a year. It takes about 2000 raw coffee beans to make a pound.

Hot cup of Joe –

Ever wonder why coffee is referred to as Joe at times? The term harkens back to the 1900’s when Admiral Josephus “Joe” Daniels banned alcohol on all Navy ships. Sailors turned to coffee in leu of alcohol consumption, giving coffee the name Joe in the memory of the restrictions put in place by the admiral.

The CoffeeBerry –

The coffee bean you see in your bag happens to be one half of the coffee berry. When roasted the berry splits creating two beans.

Oil & Coffee –

It may surprise you to know that while Oil is the largest traded commodity in the world, coffee is the second-largest commodity traded worldwide.

Memory –

Studies have shown coffee to improve memory and follow-up studies have shown that the enhancements to memory can be long term.

The more you know about coffee, the better the brew, and the more there is to love about coffee. Now go refill that cup of Joe!

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