Creative ways to reuse your Coffee grounds

Compost and Fertilizer

Coffee grounds contain a plethora of minerals and nutrients that plants can utilize for growth, and also coffee grounds may help absorb heavy metals from soil. Using coffee grounds as fertilizer is as simple as sprinkling them into your garden or planters.

Alternatively, coffee grounds can be composted for future use. Composting makes use of nature’s process of breaking down organic matter, creating nutrient-rich soil, or compost, that can be likened to natural fertilizer. The resulting compost can be sprinkled or mixed with soil at a later time to infuse the soil with nutrients.

Insect and Pest Control

Coffee contains compounds that can be toxic to insects and bugs, such at caffeine and diterpenes. This allows you to use coffee grounds as a repellent.

Most useful at deterring mosquitos, fruit flied and beetles, though may keep various other insects at bay.

You can use coffee grounds in bowls, sprinkled out or as barriers, to deter bugs.

Coffee Ground Scrubs

Coffee grounds can be used to scrub surfaces, cookware, grills, or even skin. They are a light abrasive and provide some antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Coffee grounds can be used by themselves or mixed with coconut oil or honey as an exfoliating scrub. Helping remove dirt, dead skin, and increasing blood flow to the skin, aiding in healthy skin.

You can also exfoliate your scalp with coffee grounds, helping to clear dead skin and increase blood flow. Studies have shown caffeine may also aid in hair growth.

Meat tenderizing

Tenderizing helps break down the meat and create a softer texture. Salt, enzymes, and acids are the 3 main things that help soften meat. Coffee grounds contain natural enzymes and acids that make them particularly effective at tenderizing meats.

Simply add coffee grounds to your favorite meat rub and apply rub 2 hours or longer before cooking meat. The grounds will be cooked onto the meat, creating a crispy crust and also enhance the flavor of the meat.

Eliminate Odors

Coffee grounds work great at neutralizing odors. Simple spread your grounds on a baking sheet to let them dry, then place them in a bowl where you need deodorizing. Coffee grounds can also be put in your garbage disposal, further helping reduce unwanted odors.


Like salt, nitrogen can lower the freezing point of water, and coffee grounds are nitrogen-rich. Sprinkling coffee grounds on ice can add a friction point to prevent slips but also help melt surface ice. It is also environmentally friendly and may even be beneficial for the environment, adding nutrients back to the earth.

Most people throw their grounds out after brewing coffee. However as we’ve covered, your coffee grounds can serve a second purpose. When you next brew a pot of coffee, consider putting your grounds to good use afterward.